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Jitterbug Phone Plans

Jitterbug Phone Plans

Here are some commonly asked  questions about the Jitterbug Phone Plans No Contract monthly.

Is  there a prepay plan?

The great thing about Jitterbug is Nationwide Service starts at just $14.99 per month, with no contracts or prepaid hassles. Jitterbug rate plans are also flexible, so you can select a different plan at any time and there are no hidden charges for switching plans. Plus, you can call ANYWHERE in the U.S. at ANYTIME and you’ll never pay roaming or long distance fees.  We do not offer a prepay plan.  Here is a comparison chart of Jitterbug monthly plans vs. prepaid plans: (based on marketing materials from nationally available cellular companies as of June, 2009.)

Typical prepaid plans

What are your main monthly Plans?

jitterbug phone plans

What are anytime Minutes?

These are minutes that can be used any time in month. Any unused minutes are carried  over into the next month and a good for 60 days.

What are Nights and Weekend Minutes?

These are extra minutes that come with the higher usage plans and can be used between 7.00 pm and 6.00 am on week nights and from 7.00 pm Friday to 6.00 Monday on weekends.

Do you have to pay monthly?

Yes, customers pay monthly at the end of their billing cycle.  Here is a comparison chart of Jitterbug monthly plans vs. other monthly plans: (based on marketing materials from nationally available cellular companies as of June, 2009.)

typical monthly plans

What are add on minutes?

Jitterbug Add on Minutes are available to all customers and can be added to any plan. Our Add on Minutes can be used anytime, anywhere and they’re good for up to a year.  To purchase Add on Minutes today, call 1-800-733-6632.

add on minutes

Do you have to have a monthly plan before you can use add on minutes?


Some of the info on web talks about a yearly plan. Is this still available?

No, this is not available.

If you choose not to have a monthly plan and still use your add on minutes?

We only offer service through monthly plans, but customers can purchase and use Add On Minutes at anytime.

There is no disconnection fee, is there a re-connection fee, if you let your plan lapse?

Since Jitterbug is no contract, customers can cancel or hold service at anytime without incurring a fee.   Simply call Jitterbug Customer Service anytime, 24/7 at 1-800-733-6632 to change or cancel service.

Is there an Activation Fee?
The activation fee is $30.00

What is your return Policy?

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your Jitterbug® service, you can return your

Jitterbug if you have used less than 30 minutes within 30 days from the date of purchase. We will

refund the first month’s service charge and the cost of the phone, plus applicable taxes.

Steps for returning your Jitterbug phone:

1. Call our, friendly Customer Service experts 24 hours a day, seven days a week at

1-800-733-6632 to cancel your service.

2. You will receive a return authorization number, address and instructions for return. If your

Jitterbug was purchased from a retail location, it must be returned to that location and is

subject to the store’s return policy.

3. Please return your Jitterbug phone in “like new” condition in its original box with all

components and materials.

*The activation fee and shipping charges are not refundable.

NEW Jitterbug J cell phones are easy-to-use. Friendly 24-hour Operators. Affordable plans start at $14.99. To learn more, click here.

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  1. Gale Harroff Says:

    I would like the following questions answered

    Can I use an existing phone number on a new Jitterbug phone purchase? The number is 512 868 xxxx. Vonage is the current carrier. I would cease using Vonage if the Jitterbug Phone System does as advertised.

    Can I have two (2) Jitterbug phones with the same phone number? Can I have three (3) Jitterbug phones with the same phone number? Main reason is to leave one phone at both ends of the house so I do not have to carry the phone with me. Secondary reason is to have one phone for my wife and one phone for myself. If this answer is yes, then are the two/three phones on a single billing plan?

    I notice a white space where New Hampshire is located on your “Red” coverage chart. Exactly what does that mean? Phone calls can be made to New Hampshire? Phone calls cannot be made to New Hampshire? Phone calls can be made from New Hampshire? Phone calls cannot be made from New Hampshire?

    What are the different methods of monthly payments? Check? Credit card? Debit card? Cash?

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